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Better conversations means better conversions.
Offer quantifiable value to your clients that help them to save dramatically on healthcare whether they are fully-insured or level-funded plans. The best part, Enlightened Analytics provides this service to broker partners at no cost.

Transparency is the currency of trust.

We’re in the age of data, so let’s get a real look at the numbers that make up what’s usually a company’s second or third largest line item. Enlighten Analytics enables you, as a broker, to empower your clients to get a closer look at what’s actually going on in a way that’s both digestible and actionable.

Sample Analysis

An irresistible value proposition.

Imagine an employer with 100 employees that pays $100 a year that receives a 0% rate increase. Most employers would believe that this is a great deal. Imagine if you were able to show the employer that there were only $250,000 of claims. With these optics, the employer can position brokers to better negotiate fully-insured renewals and/or transition groups to self-funded plans.

Comprehensive Optics
Better Conversations
Effective Strategies
Improved Outcomes

What they say…

Enlighten Analytics provides our clients with the clarity they need around the annual question does self-funding make sense for us? The clarity and simplicity of the process provides the assurance we and they need around that decision making process. The team at EA provides the support and tools to accomplish it quickly and efficiently.

Jim Blachek
Dynamic Benefit Solutions

I have been working closely with the team at Enlighten Analytics to solve one of the biggest problems in healthcare, and that is transparency.  In my opinion, Enlighten Analytics has the game changing software solution to capture Medical/Rx claims data that employers and advisors need to assess their true risk and better manage their renewals.

Adam Zebian
Assured Partners

As a result of better optics and risk management strategies, our company has saved over $191k in just 4 months.

Lisa Lester
Rotary Corp

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