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Enlighten Analytics equips companies with the data needed to radically reduce their fully-insured or level-funded health plans.
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How about a renewal decrease?

If your company is like most others in the US, then employee healthcare is among your top expenses. Worse yet, renewals seem to increase at rates that are just not sustainable for most businesses. But why? Enlighten Analytics shows you what the carriers won’t and provides you with the leverage needed to dramatically reduce premiums. 

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The difference is in the data.

Get the insight you need to start having the conversations that will have the most dramatic impact on healthcare costs. When necessary, we’ll also offer actionable strategies and solutions based on your group’s specific analysis.

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What they say…

Since we made the program available to our employees just four months ago, 42 prescriptions have been filled, saving our company $191,819 – that’s a 67% savings compared to PBM pricing! Not only is our company saving money, our employees are getting these expensive specialty drugs at no cost with a $0 copay.

Lisa Lester
Rotary Corp

Enlighten Analytics provides our clients with the clarity they need around the annual question does self-funding make sense for us? The clarity and simplicity of the process provides the assurance we and they need around that decision making process. The team at EA provides the support and tools to accomplish it quickly and efficiently.

Jim Blachek
Dynamic Benefit Solutions

I have been working closely with the team at Enlighten Analytics to solve one of the biggest problems in healthcare, and that is transparency.  In my opinion, Enlighten Analytics has the game changing software solution to capture Medical/Rx claims data that employers and advisors need to assess their true risk and better manage their renewals.

Adam Zebian
Assured Partners

Better insight, better outcomes.

The optics you need to take complete control of healthcare spend.
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